Our Response to Covid-19

Capri's response to Covid-19 is a Community effort and while reactive, is flexible and may change based on the recommendations of state and local officials. Questions, concerns, self-reported illness, and or exposure related to Covid-19, are to be emailed to Capri's Covid-19 Point of Contact; Amy Ruff, President: amy@capri.edu

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Self Reporting
The following individuals from the Capri Beauty College community are expected to report:

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is being tested due to symptoms suggestive of the infection.
  • Anyone with close contact with an individual confirmed to have COVID-19 by laboratory testing or with a presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19, meaning not tested but diagnosed by a physician as likely to have the infection.
  • Anyone with a positive test for COVID-19
  • Anyone returning from international travel, regardless of country traveled from.
  • Anyone returning from travel by cruise ship or States/Countries under a travel ban.
  • Report to: Amy Ruff. Email amy@capri.edu or Tricia Seil; Email tricia@capri.edu your name and cell phone number and description of which of the criteria you are reporting.

Personal Care & Service Presentation

Students, Faculty & staff should watch a 15 minute Power Point Presentation with Commitment Letter:

Watch Presentation Here

Sign Commitment Letter Here

JUNE 16, 2020

Welcome Back! In-person classes are back in session. In addition to the Personal Care & Service Presentation, the following protocols have been implemented:

Wearing masks – Students, staff and faculty will be required to wear masks at all times. Clients will also be required to wear face masks to the extent possible while receiving services.

Face Shields – are not required however if students want more protection, face shields are recommended when servicing clients.

Gloves – are not required but recommended that all students and faculty wear disposable gloves when servicing clients and change gloves between each client to the greatest extent possible.

Capes – each client should be draped with a clean cape. Capes should be sprayed with alcohol between each client.

Stations, Shampoo Bowls & Styling Chairs –should be disinfected with alcohol between each client.

Hand-washing – with soapy, warm water, for a minimum of 20 seconds will be required by employees between every client service.

Student and Faculty clothing – Students and faculty should arrive at school showered and wearing clean clothing. Students and faculty should change clothes before or as soon as they enter their homes when they return from school.

*PPG, such as gloves, gowns, drapes, linens, and eye coverings should be changed between each client. These used items should be cleaned and disinfected or discarded in a closed container.

March 14, 2020

The College is temporarily closed for on campus classes until June 16th & 17th 2020 Client Services to resume on June 30, 2020

Capri Encourages you to LEARN MORE ABOUT COVID-19 and necessary health and safety precautions


Obtain information from health care providers, state health authorities and the following organizations:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

Illinois Department of Health

Travel Advisories

Update 03/11/2020

Capri Beauty College is committed to the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, staff and clients. This website will be updated regularly with information regarding the College's preparation and response to COVID-19. The current information we have is that person-to-person spread will continue to occur and more cases might be identified in the United States, including in the Chicagoland and suburban areas. We are monitoring both Cook and Will County Health Departments to minimize transmission and developing guidance to prepare a response if a significant outbreak does occur. We have had a number of meetings and conference calls with several agencies to stay updated with the current information on the virus.

The Departments of Public Health will be our lead agency and is closely monitoring the fast-changing outbreak of the virus. They are in regular communication with, and following guidance provided by, the Illinois Department of Public Health. Capri is also monitoring the advice and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Department of Education, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), and the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS).

What we’re doing:

  • Requesting Temporary Distant Education Authorization for the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) which is required to offer online, distant education in the event of a school closure.
  • Requiring all customers of the clinic to sign a COVID-19 Waiver in order to receive service.
  • Educating our employees on preventative measures provided by the CDC.
  • Increasing the frequency and extent of our cleaning practices, such as additional wipe downs of all hard surfaces including, bathrooms, stations, reception and office spaces.
  • Providing additional resources that are available to guests including hand sanitizers.
  • Implementing heightened sanitation and hand-washing procedures for all employees and students.
  • Discouraging all personal contact, including shaking hands.

What we encourage:

Wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds.

If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60 percent to 95 percent alcohol.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Stay home when you are sick, and cover coughs and sneezes.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects.


Capri Beauty College will communicate directly with students through their email address on file with the Admission Department.

Public announcements regarding Coronavirus will also be displayed on the Banner at capri.edu and on facebook (facebook@capribeautycollege).

Questions regarding Coronavirus and its impact on school attendance, clinic services and college operations should be emailed to contact@capri.edu.

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