School Leadership Certificate Awarded

Eligible students may participate in a State approved Intern Program. The program allows 150 hours of the 1500 hour program to be spent in a registered salon. Students earn credit in hours and practical services under supervision of a licensed stylist. Capri Beauty College will provide guidance when choosing an intern site; however, the student is responsible for securing the salon internship. All Policies, Procedures & Regulations of Capri Beauty College apply during an internship.

Typical Length: 5 weeks

Start Date: Eligible at 1300 hours

Schedule: Minimum 3 Hours per week on campus
Maximum 8 hours per day (Monday – Saturday) arranged with Intern Site

To be registered for this program, the student must:

  1. Have met attendance, academic, and clinic requirements.
  2. Interview with Internship Coordinator.
  3. Complete an Internship Application.
  4. Secure an Internship Site.
  5. Complete and return a signed Salon Internship Contract to the Internship Coordinator.

If you want to become a Hairstylist, Capri Beauty College will inspire you. The staff is helpful and supportive of your dreams and make you feel very welcomed. Mariana Mauricio, Current Student