When I came in for my tour I loved speaking with the Admission's Director Ms. Nedina. She really broke down how Capri works and what I should expect. This made me feel comfortable about the Program.Imani, 2024 Capri Student

Capri is a great school! I enjoyed my experience there and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to do hair!Alycia Sanchez, 2023 Graduate

Capri was an amazing place to learn everting related to the science behind hair. I'm grateful for everyone that assisted me during my journey. Regina Evans, 2023 Graduate

I opened my own salon suite and have chosen to specialize in hair extensions. I’m very fortunate and blessed to have several extension clients. I truly enjoyed my experience at Capri and am so thankful for the education all of the instructors gave me. Thank you Capri!Emily Benedict, Graduate

Capri was one the best experiences of my life my teachers Ms. Allison, Ms. Amy, Ms. Sandy, Ms. Christina etc. Everyone there at that time helped did an amazing job and gave me what I believe are skills that I can take with me any where and for the rest of my life and be able to do an outstanding job in this industry. Thank Capri Sheena C.,Graduate

Excellent school, excellent education, excellent caring staff that always answers your questions and welcomes their students back with open doors for any questions or guidance all the way throughout their cosmetology career! I highly recommend this cosmetology college. they are family owned and operated and one of the most professional schools I've seen! they also have more than one location. I studied here many years ago at the Oak Forest location on Rob Roy Drive and everyday i remember all the great teachers and good times and memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life with these amazing people! Billy M., Capri Beauty College Graduate

If you want to becoming a Hairstylist, Capri Beauty College will inspire you. The staff is helpful and supportive of your dreams and make you feel very welcomed. Mariana Mauricio - Graduate

I made many new friends at Capri.  Everyone is so nice and I look forward to going to school. The teachers are very kind and patient.  You can tell they really want to help you succeed. Ashley Abel, Graduate

The education I received from Capri Beauty College, over twenty years ago, has allowed me to have the career of my dreams. I have visited other schools throughout the years and I've never seen the professionalism and skills that Capri provides. I always like to say I went to the "Harvard" of beauty schools. Capri is a school that graduates will say they are proud to have attended. Nikki Fushi, Capri Beauty College Graduate

Just wanted to say thank you! We took our children there for hair cuts today and our youngest had a very hard time. The staff and students were awesome and professional through the whole process! Thank you so much for understanding and the clear culture of patience and acceptance you foster! Russell E. Client.

I have taken my education from Capri Beauty College and worked not only as a stylist, but also as a designer for runway shows, photo shoots, and recently opened my own Salon. I am thankful to Capri's owners and staff for the education I received. I strongly recommend Capri to anyone considering a career in cosmetology. You will receive the foundation needed to succeed in this wonderful and lucrative industry. Angeleah Daidone, Graduate

I just wanted to thank everyone on staff at Oak Forest Capri for their amazing education they gave me. I graduated in 2006. I started in April class of 2005 with Ms. Allison (she's awesome btw). After being in the field for 5 years, I have noticed the experience and skill level coming from all different beauty schools. Capri has by far surpassed and excelled in their education in comparison. Thank you for giving me the education and the skills needed to succeed! I will always be indebted to the staff that perfected my skills. Thank you! Tiffany Caliendo, Graduate

I just wanted to leave a message for the wonderful school that got me started in an amazing career! I attended Capri in 1997 and graduated from the program as well as the educator's course. Thanks to all of the wonderful staff and the great job they did teaching me. I now own two Salons in Bourbonnais Illinois. I continue to encourage people not only to join the industry but to look into Capri! Thanks again for helping down this wonderful journey! Natalie Clark Williams, Graduate

To all of the students, I want to share some knowledge with you. Please make the most of the education you are receiving at Capri. I know you will be asked to do things that you may not like to do or feel like things are not quite going your way, but hang in there and always give 110% because it will pay off. Our industry is recession-proof and we should all be taking advantage of that. You should constantly be adding new skills to your resume. For example, learn how to do simple manicures and pedicures, eyebrow waxing, and makeup. Start doing hair for photo shoots and fashion shows; even if you have to do it for free at first just to build a portfolio. And, for goodness sakes, please learn how to do all types of hair. Your income will skyrocket if you can do all types of hair i.e. caucasian and ethnic. I am so glad that I did not limit myself and the types of hair that I can do because now I am the top stylist in my salon. I can take any client that walks in the door while the other stylists wait for someone with the type of hair they can do to walk through the door. DO NOT limit yourself! This industry can take you anywhere you want to go if you work for it! Good luck to you all! Nikki Wadley, Graduate.

My mother and I visited Capri Beauty College's student clinic for the first time. After receiving a haircut and color, I had to call and compliment the student designers that performed our service. Both Jenny H. and Kristy R. were talented, professional and showed great interest in our care. I really admire the students at Capri. Kathy Wasko, Client, Oak Forest, Illinois

Capri Beauty College excels in all areas.  I have employed Capri graduates an applaud the teaching staff. Students are very well trained. Gina Kroll-Nasir, Owner Haircutters, Ltd. 2015

Congratulations to the Capri Beauty College on an over 55-year history of training cosmetologists for the beauty industry. As Pivot Point Member Schools since September 1986, we appreciate our years of educational partnership and applaud Capri for using the highest quality curriculum on the market today. We wish you continued success and will be there right beside you as you train the hair designers of the future! Debbie Mack, Director of Member School Services, Pivot Point International, Inc.

Capri Beauty College helped me realize that discipline and structure, coupled with creativity can create an exciting and lucrative career in the beauty industry. Tom Lawler, Education Director, Charles Ifergan Salons, Graduate

I received superior training from Capri Beauty College during my initial basic cosmetology training and later from the teacher training program. Capri's excellent level of education has allowed me to stay in the forefront of the cosmetology world. The standards of perfection instilled in my techniques continue to follow me throughout my career path. Thank you for all of your support. Doyle Sims, Owner of Doyle Designed Salon and Education Center, Flossmoor, Illinois; Capri Beauty College Cosmetology Graduate 1983; Capri Beauty College Instructor Graduate 1995

Capri Beauty College provides students with the tools and support necessary for a career in cosmetology. Capri provides an excellent education—their graduates are a cut above the rest! Jason Freiman, Manager, Strokirk Ltd, Chicago, Illinois

We at Trio Salon have been extremely happy with the level of student being produced at Capri Beauty College. From the way they look to their attitude and salon preparedness. Thank you Capri! Alex Ioannou, President Trio Salon, Ltd., with locations in Chicago and Evanston

I would definitely recommend an education from Capri Beauty College to anyone who wants a cosmetology license. I enjoyed the guest speakers, instructors and met some awesome people along the way. Karen Estrada, Graduate